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The unstoppable woman, Fantaye

The unstoppable woman, Fantaye

VisionFund microfinance provides basic financial services and products to the general public, both individual consumers and small to mid-sized businesses. Currently, VisionFund Microfinance operates in most regions of the country by providing various loans and saving products. Our loan products include Individual, Business, Consumption, Agri-business, Agricultural, Enterprise, Solar, Water and Sanitation, Small and Medium Enterprises, Women entrepreneurs and Development, and School loan. As of 2022, the number of clients exceeds one million. 

Fantaye Sisay Mengesha is a 55-year-old wealthy mother of two children who live in Amhara Regional State’s Oromo Special Zone in Debre Chefa district. She is a resident of Sitter Kebele in the Debre Chafa Woreda Special Zone. Ms. Fantaye came to Sitter Kebele in 2002. When she came to the kebele, she did not have any personal wealth or property. She was one of the poorest members of the community. As a result, getting loans from other lending institutions was difficult for her.

She recalls walking backward, recalling her failure. This woman, who was destined to raise two children on her own, is lonely. She is strong and resilient because she works every day to manage her own life and the lives of her children alone. No one behind her to support her children. It was during this time that VisionFund Microfinance knocked her door. She got a promotion for VisionFund financial services. With a strong work ethic and diligence, she initiated the change by getting a small loan.

For the first loan cycle, she took 7000 (seven thousand Birr). She bought 3 goats. As a result, she has successfully owned more than 40 goats. She creates job for young boy to keep them in her home. The kebele administration, which has seen this strength, has also provided the opportunity for her to be involved in small and micro enterprises. She was offered a place to work. Ms. Fantaye keeps up her diligence and refuses to let another success make her feel happy. She preparing herself for another victory and change. She borrowed 8000

(eight thousand Birr) a loan from the same institution for the 2nd round.

She used this loan to purchase additional breeding goats, cattle, and some of the older goats for sale. She claimed to have earned 25,000 Birr in profit. Fantaye has now realized that the VisionFund Microfinance Institute is still bringing in money for her. She properly repays the loan on time. For the third round of financing, she increased the loan amount ceiling, and she asked the institution to lend her 10,000 Birr. The institution responses immediately to take a loan to this rare heroic client. It reassured her. Mrs. Fantaye built houses from what she got and she engaged in other additional business. In addition to the goat breeding business, Ms. Fantaye Sisay also started cooking. The VisionFund, one of her favorite partners, help the disadvantaged or those in need through financing small loan to start a business. Ms Fantaye secured the basic needs of her children include food, drink, shelter, clothing, health, education, and economic status.

 She sent one of her children to school. She frequently visits VisionFund with fresh business ideas to help her break through poverty. She took 12000 Birr for the fourth loan cycle.

She owns her own farmland, at the end of the day. She always thanks VisionFund because she continues to thrive with many victories over the years. Based on her wealth and work experience over 4 loan rounds, for the 5th round, she took 15,000 Birr. She engaged her children by registering them to go to school, work, and change the world by creating wealth for themselves. By buying goats for their own breeding, they become self-sufficient and own cattle. She is proving to be a champion of change by doing so.

In the transformation of Ms. Fantaye so far, she has created two jobs and hired two female employees. Paying one thousand Birr each month and 600 Birr for each shepherd.

She is an exemplary woman for local communities that overcome poverty by working hard. She also motivated other women to go to VisionFund to start businesses that changed their lives forever. For the 6th loan cycle, she took 20,000 Birr and continued her farming business and goat breeding. According to Ms. Fantaye, she planned to continue with the loan because she has a plan to start a diary business that benefits local communities through milk products. All of this success and triumph is based on her commitment and the VisionFund Branch availability at Kemise town.

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