The first quarter of the institution’s financial and operational performance is promising. Taye Chimdessa, CEO

VisionFund microfinance reviewed the quarter’s institutional performance where all areas managers presented from October 8 to 9/2021 at its Quarter Head Office.
The meeting agenda presented to Areas managers by Taye Chimdessa (CEO) and Mr. Hailu Leta Deputy CEO/operations. The meeting agenda’s key points included first-quarter financial and operational performance, saving mobilization, PAR management, and the action plan for the succeeding quarter.
Taye Chimdessa, CEO, stated that the quarter’s performance needs to be improved further in order to maintain each branch’s track record, despite the fact that many challenges were encountered during the quarter. To achieve the goal, each staff member must work diligently to complete his or her assigned tasks and improve the overall financial service delivery to communities, he reminded.
Mr. Hailu Leta, Deputy CEO/operations asserted that serious measures will be taken to enhance the Institution’s portfolio quality in terms of meeting the annual plan for the fiscal year. He added that the Head Office will continue to provide support and follow-up for Areas and Branch Offices. Participated Area Managers said security problems and poor internet connection were among the operational challenges faced during the period. It was also recommended by the participants to open new branches to address communities’ financial inclusion and increase the outreach of the institution. In general, the overall quarter financial and operational performance of VisionFund microfinance is promising compared to last year and the fiscal year
annual plan.